The Seven Keys To Getting A Business Bank Loan

Before the economic crisis of several years ago, getting a business loan from a bank was much easier. Now, not so much. Banks are leery today, but you can improve your odds with these seven important keys:

Write a strong business plan.
Tell the bank what the business entails, brag on yourself a bit, what your short and long term goals are and how you plan to achieve them.

Be clear how you’ll spend the money. Are you buying new equipment? Need to expand? Want operating capital while you wait for payments to come in? This will help the bank decide which type of loan may be best for you.

Ask for the right amount.
Seems like a no brainer but it is definitely not. Don’t ask for too little or too much. Do your homework. Get a tight handle on how much money you really need and why.

Polish your credit report.
Basically, know what your personal and business credit reports reflect about you. Are they accurate? Are there any errors? Talk to the credit reporting agency that applies and get those errors rectified to raise your score.

Find a better bank.
Do your homework and research the best banks for the type of loan you are interested in. You’ll want the bank with the best rates and most flexible approval guidelines. 

Keep good records.
If you don’t keep good records start now. Banks want to see balance sheets, cash flow, income statements. They want to see that you’ll be able to pay them back. So, prove it to them in black and white.

This article is intended to provide basic information for starting a discussion with a financial professional about your specific financial situation. Please consult with a financial professional regarding your specific financial situation before making any financial decisions.

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