Compilations & Reviews

Sometimes to get your business growing, you’ll need a little help from your friends—and from financial institutions, suppliers, investors and customers. To get that help it’s important to be able to communicate a clear and accurate picture of your company’s health and operations. Go Figure will help you to go confidently into each presentation knowing that your financial picture is crystal clear.

Business Planning

One of our CPAs reviews your financial statement to verify that it conforms to typical reporting frameworks. They may also do some of the following:

  • accumulate financial information
  • obtain written assurances from management regarding accuracy of information
  • record results of owners’ and/or directors’ meetings
  • report any knowledge of fraud
  • determine how amounts in the statement may relate

If your statement needs any significant modifications, we will list and walk you through them. Be aware, however, that a review is not an audit; we won’t be able to express an opinion about the overall fairness of your statement.


Our team helps you format your financial information for presentations. Though less intensive than a review, our CPAs will still determine the scope of your business to create a compilation that meets the standards for your audience. However, we will not provide assurances or opinions regarding the accuracy of the information in the final statement.

We’ll get you figured out.

Go Figure Accounting