What Our Clients Say

Michael Wright

“There’s just something about Rachel Siegel. She’s such a genuine, easy going person. She’s not a hard sell. She just lays out the facts and lets you decide.”

—Michael Wright, The Poop Bandit


“You can genuinely see how passionate they are about their client’s success. They’re invested, personally invested.”

—Randy Lesperance, LanDesign, Inc.

Anita Jacobus

“When Rachel suggests we do something, we don’t even think twice. Go Figure Accounting is just an integral part of our team. We trust them completely.”

—Anita Jacobus, Queen Bee Realty

Scott Colonna

“They have the experience and deep knowledge that comes only from experience. Not only will they help you profit faster, but with fewer problems.”

—Dr. Scott Colonna, Westminster Eyecare Associates


We’ll get you figured out.

Go Figure Accounting