A headhsot of Rachel.

Like any good accountant, Rachel has a head for numbers. But for her, that’s only part of the equation. A Simmons College graduate, Rachel has spent 20+ years in private industries and public accounting practices all along the east coast. She has also been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for more than a decade. Rachel believes a balanced life is just as important as a balance sheet. When she’s not working, she’s rooting for her favorite teams, traveling and enjoying time with her family.

A headhsot of Beth.
Success Coordinator

Beth and her husband, Tony, are globe-trotting aficionados, jet-setting and cruise-lounging their way to new horizons. They’re on a first-name basis with cultures worldwide, making friends like it’s a competitive sport. When not out conquering the travel scene, they relax in their backyard oasis for quality time with friends and family. Because, let’s face it, life’s too short not to sprinkle a bit of adventure and a lot of love into every single day.

A headhsot of Cindy.
Tax Manager / Senior Accountant

Meet Cindy, the accounting wizard extraordinaire! She’s been crunching numbers since 2014, and since 2017, she’s been Go Figure’s senior accountant, reigning supreme over spreadsheets and ledgers. With her IRS Enrolled Agent status, she tackles taxes like a superhero in a cape (albeit, a virtual one). But hold on to your calculators, because Cindy’s life isn’t all about balancing books and taming receipts. Nope, when she’s not enlightening clients with her accounting acumen or chasing K-pop concerts around the globe, you’ll find her at home, surrounded by the fur-filled chaos of Milo and Miso. During her downtime, Cindy binge-watches Asian dramas, proving that even in the world of finance, there’s always room for extra drama.

A headhsot of Kirstin.
Lead Full-Service Bookkeeper

Kirstin has been on the Go Figure team for three years and counting. Born in England and raised in South Africa, Kirstin is full of unique stories to tell. With seven years of experience in bookkeeping and QuickBooks, her skillsets allow her to find a place for everything, and to keep everything in its place. When she’s not helping grow your businesses, she is spending time with her husband, her two children, and her eight-pound Yorkshire Terrier.

A headshot of Joslyn.

While newer to the world of accounting, Joslyn’s ardent attitude and background in hospitality and service has equipped her to tackle any challenge head-on. She takes pride in her ability to get to know the individuals behind the business so she can help them make the most informed financial decisions. When she’s not working, you can find her hitting the gym, enjoying a drink by the pool with friends, or curled up on the couch with her latest read.

Strategic Account Manager

Wendy is an Orlando native who loves her community. One of her favorite things about what she does is having the chance to meet new people and helping business owners succeed. Even in her free time, she is no less involved in the community, and has a passion for volunteering as well as photography, travel, and thrifting vintage tropical decor. She also loves spending time with her adult daughter, Summer, and her Teacup Yorkie, Kylie.

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