Issues: First Quarter 2021

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Rachel's Desk

Less leads to more!

The key to success?
Think big, but start small.
Small changes lower the barrier to getting started, and if you make them small enough, you’re more likely to be successful.

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The Gold Standard

After declaring bankruptcy, retiring from teaching, and battling a series of chronic family illnesses, Rhiannon Neuharth built a six figure income in the wellness industry during the pandemic.

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Points of Interest

Points of Interest: First Quarter 2021

Make 2021 a year of small victories; foster a love of learning for the next generation; get the latest on 1099s, small business stimulus, and more.

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New Year, New Deductions

Rachel answers your most pressing business questions.

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For What It's Worth

Pivot to Win It

Of all the potential business lessons to be learned from the current health crisis, none may be greater than the importance of agility.

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Boomers to Zoomers

Generational segmentation is not a marketing gimmick—there is vast evidence that the tendencies of different generations are meaningful and unique. We’ve gathered the most compelling statistics and crafted healthy recommendations for each generation to pursue in 2021.

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Lovan Life!

Cindy Lovan, EA, is an enrolled agent, number sleuth, business advisor, dog lover, Kpop enthusiast, and all around
awesome human who helps keep Go Figure going.

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Healthy Habits, Healthy Profit

Mike Michalowicz’s recipe for success uses diet and exercise to leverage fat profits.

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