In the dynamic field of accounting, versatility and a breadth of knowledge are key. So is a good sense of humor. Which is perfect if you are Joslyn Jones, a vivacious bookkeeper who possesses a diverse skill set, a passion for continuous learning, and a raucous laugh. Joslyn knows better than anyone that adaptability is the key to success. While newer to the world of accounting, her ardent attitude and background in hospitality and service has equipped her to tackle any challenge head-on. For Joslyn, every endeavor is an opportunity for growth and learning, and she embraces this with gusto.

How would you describe your specialty?

I consider myself a “Jill of All Trades,” striving to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.

What’s the biggest misconception about bookkeeping?

It’s impersonal and solely focused on numbers and spreadsheets. At Go Figure, we believe in getting to know our clients. By understanding the individuals behind the business, we can provide support, and help them make informed financial decisions. We care about you and your family, and we’ll be a step ahead when normal life-milestones may result in a tax credit or a new tax burden — we’ll give you sound advice. 

Outside of work, how do you spend your time?

You can find me hitting the gym, enjoying a drink by the pool with friends, or curled up on the couch with my latest read.

What’s something that people don’t know about you?

Here’s a quirky side of me: I have an unapologetic love for all things sparkly. I want everything covered in silver, rhinestones, and glitter. And don’t get me started on my peacock obsession. 

Is there a current song or podcast that you can’t get enough of?

I have a Spotify playlist filled with a variety of random songs that is always playing. It may seem a little chaotic, but the element of surprise and the colorful vibes it brings to my day or task at hand is something I truly appreciate.

If you weren’t in accounting/bookkeeping, what would be your dream job and why?

Right now, my dream job would be a personal trainer or a physical therapist. Given my current fascination with fitness, I would love to explore the science behind it and delve deeper into the mechanics of strength training and bodybuilding. However, my aspirations may change after a challenging workout session. I’m sure that answer will change after my next heavy gym day.

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