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Meet Rachel Siegel

The accomplished owner of Go Figure Accounting—a certified Profit First Mastery firm. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in private and public accounting along the East Coast, Rachel has garnered recognition as one of fewer than 100 Mastery Certified accountants in the United States. Her expertise also extends to serving as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for more than a decade.

Rachel has adeptly tailored Profit First principles at Go Figure Accounting to cater to the unique needs of modern optometry. With her practical wisdom and personal approach, Rachel is on a lifelong mission to empower clients. Her book stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to enhancing business acumen within optometry practices and service-based enterprises.

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About The Book

Profit First for Optometrists

Discover the secrets to financial mastery in optometry with Rachel Siegel’s book, “Profit First for Optometrists.”

Tailored for optometrists and those in the optometry field, this book is your roadmap to financial freedom and practice efficiency.

Unlock practical, industry-specific strategies to elevate your business and secure a prosperous future. 


What readers Are saying

Praised by industry experts and practitioners alike, Rachel’s book is transforming optometry practices across the nation.
Read what leading optometrists say about ‘Profit First for Optometrists’ and how it changed their practices.
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“Profit First for Optometrists is not just a book; it’s a game-changer for our industry!”
“Rachel’s insights transformed my practice’s financial health – a true eye-opener!”

“I’ve developed a more sustainable and profitable business model that has allowed my practice to thrive!”

“I feel more confident in my financial decisions and have seen a noticeable improvement in my practice’s profitability!”

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More About The Book

Why This Book?

Rachel Siegel wrote ‘Profit First for Optometrists’ to fill a crucial gap in financial education for optometry professionals. Her approach is not just theoretical; it’s born from real-life experiences and successes, making it an invaluable asset for every optometry practice.

Discover the transformative takeaways from ‘Profit First for Optometrists’:

Implementing Profit First: Understand how to apply this methodology specifically in an optometry practice for better financial management.

Practical Strategies: Gain insights into practical, actionable steps tailored for the optometry sector.

Expert Advice: Benefit from the combined wisdom of Rachel Siegel and Dr. Scott Colonna, offering a balanced perspective of financial management in optometry.

Real-Life Applications: Learn from real case studies demonstrating the successful application of these strategies in optometry practices.

Sustainable Growth: Find out how to achieve long-term financial stability and growth in your optometry practice.

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What you'll find inside the book

Explore each chapter of ‘Profit First for Optometrists’ through concise summaries. Gain insights into the book’s key concepts

Chapter 1 - So You Want to Start a Business

This chapter delves into the fundamental motivations behind starting a business, emphasizing the importance of understanding your 'why' and the commitment needed to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Chapter 2 - Dr. Scott’s Take: Why Optometry

Dr. Scott Colonna provides his insights on the optometry field, discussing the growing demand for optometric services and the opportunities this presents for professionals in the industry.

Chapter 3 - Making the Case for Profit First

The chapter introduces the Profit First methodology, explaining how it can transform business practices by prioritizing profit, leading to more efficient and effective financial management.

Chapter 4 - Optometry and Profit First

This chapter introduces how the Profit First methodology can be specifically applied in the field of optometry, discussing its benefits and adaptation for optometrist practices.

Chapter 5 - Dr. Scott’s Take: Numbers Don’t Lie

Dr. Scott Colonna provides his perspective on the importance of understanding and acting on financial numbers in an optometry practice.

Chapter 6 - Let’s Get Started: Bank Accounts

The chapter details the initial steps to implement Profit First, focusing on setting up and managing various bank accounts as per the methodology.

Chapter 7 - Show Me the Money: Allocation Percentages

This chapter delves into how to determine and manage allocation percentages in the Profit First system for effective financial management.

Chapter 8 - Assessing the Health of Your Business

Siegel discusses methods and metrics for assessing the financial health of an optometry practice.

Chapter 9 - Setting Your Practice Up for Success

Strategies and tips for laying a solid foundation for the success and growth of an optometry practice.

Chapter 10 - Best Practices & Key Terms

This chapter covers essential best practices and key financial terms every optometrist should know for effective business management.

Chapter 11 - A Tale of Three Practices

Through the stories of three different optometry practices, this chapter illustrates diverse applications and outcomes of implementing Profit First.

Chapter 12 - Dr. Scott’s Take: Lead with Your Heart

Dr. Colonna emphasizes the human aspect of business, discussing the importance of leadership and empathy in practice management.

Chapter 13 - You’ve Got a Choice to Make

Siegel presents various critical decisions that optometrists face in their practice, offering guidance on making informed choices.

Chapter 14 - Summing It Up

The concluding chapter reflects on the entire journey of implementing Profit First in optometry, summarizing key learnings and encouraging continued application of the principles for business success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This book is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of your prior financial knowledge. It provides clear, step-by-step guidance tailored for optometrists.
Yes, established practices will find advanced strategies and insights to further enhance their financial performance and growth.
‘Profit First for Optometrists’ uniquely combines the Profit First methodology with specific challenges and opportunities in the optometry sector, offering industry-specific advice.
The book lays out manageable steps for integrating Profit First principles. While some changes are necessary, they are structured to be practical and sustainable.
Results can vary, but many readers report seeing positive changes in their financial management within a few months of implementation.
The book includes references to additional resources, and you can also join our community forum for ongoing support and updates.

Yes! While specifically tailored for optometrists, the fundamental principles can benefit many other businesses.

Yes, the strategies are designed to be effective for practices at any stage, from start-ups to well-established businesses.

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